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"We got a lot of hands-on experience and built a lot of projects for our assignments."
Erica Novianti
Information Technology

Erica Novianti loved the small class sizes and hands-on approach offered by OPAIC.

She recently completed her Bachelor of Information Technology and was one of our top-performing students.

Erica grew up in Indonesia and never considered going overseas for tertiary study until her final year of high school in 2019. It was her mother who convinced her to come to New Zealand

“I heard a lot of stories from my mom about New Zealand. She talked about her trip here and said the nature is beautiful.”

Another family member then recommended OPAIC, and our generous scholarships sealed the deal.

She was interested in IT and so started researching the field of study online.

“I found a lot of videos showing how they program apps. I was interested in learning about it and wanted to make my own app,” says Erica.

She says it’s important for students to pursue studies in the areas they’re passionate about. That way they’ll enjoy the experience.

“I researched more and found out that OPAIC teaches in practical ways rather than theoretical - hands-on experience with real industry projects which got me interested.”

Erica liked the small class sizes here, which allowed students to easily interact with lecturers and one another. She could even approach lecturers outside of class time with questions and they were happy to help.

“We got a lot of hands-on experience and built a lot of projects for our assignments. We also had studio courses where we got to experience how the industry really works,” she says.

Now that she’s finished her study, Erica’s searching for a job in software development while continuing to hone her skills by practising programming languages.

This testimonial comes from an Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus (OPAIC) student. OPAIC is a partnership between Future Skills and Otago Polytechnic. Our new Future Skills International campus operates out of the same building as OPAIC and programmes are taught by the same lecturers.

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