Success Stories

Read about the achievements of our students, past and present. Future Skills students are all ages, and come from a range of backgrounds – showing you that anything is possible!

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“I have made some really good mates and got some awesome memories from my time with Future Skills.”
Trevor Circle
Trevor Leslie
NZ Diploma in Building Surveying
“Teaching staff make sure the concept is understood well so the students do well.”
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Tarun Chauhan
Applied Management
“Have as much dedication as you can. If you are trying to conciliate work and study life; my advice is to find a balance between both, and of course, have fun and enjoy your time in New Zealand.”
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Isabelle Simonetto
Applied Management
“I got a job very soon after completing the programme. I enjoy my job very much.”
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Ranisree Swaminathan
Early Childhood Education
“It's a great learning experience and opens big opportunities to explore the IT field.”
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Maria Anneli Saldua
Information Technology
“I did my research and found out about this programme and I was like, this is a dream.”
Nadia Naseem
"I’ll never forget this year with this school. It was fantastic."
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Keiko Sasaki
"We got a lot of hands-on experience and built a lot of projects for our assignments."
Erica Novianti
Information Technology
"Everything was so structured. I really enjoyed that time."
Tatiana Poletaeva
"Sometimes I wish this year would never end. I want to live every moment."
Kashmira Vikas More
“The teachers at Ashton Warner Academy have impressed me with their professionalism, kindness and passion..”
Jane circle
Minfen (Jane) Cao
Early Childhood Education
“The modern building, tidy classrooms, and welcoming teachers left a very deep impression on me.”
Jessie circle
Jie (Jessie) Zhou
Early Childhood Education
"The faculty has proven to be exceptionally supportive and resourceful."
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Akshay Surana
“I would like to say thank you so much, Future Skills Academy.”
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Shiao (Amy) Ting
Health and Wellbeing
“I had the most amazing supervisor and she has really helped me learn and grow.”
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Chloe Padoin
Early Childhood Education
“I always try my best in what I have been assigned. l always try to keep thinking of my goals.”
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Kunyakorn Nundee
English, Maths and Digital Literacy
“It’s challenging but worth it always to see the results of giving people the best care and support to live their best lives."
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Christina Lata
Health and Wellbeing
“The best part of this course is I learned so much in such a short time and the teachers are very supportive and helpful."
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Dara Sanglap
Software Development
“The teachers are awesome. They give me very good support.”
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Mingmin Guo
“The best thing about Future Skills is that you provide parents and those who are going through a difficult scenario a chance.”
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Htoolar Wah Shwe
Early Childhood Education
"The skills and knowledge from the course are helpful for me in handling grade distribution and creating pivot tables and charts, which are parts of my daily work."
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Huyen Vu
Business Intelligence
“It has been interesting for me and I will probably go on further in learning more and use it for my personal development in my career.”
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Minoo Verghese
Business Intelligence
“It opened up a whole new aspect of building.”
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Sam McGill
Building Surveying
“I chose to study Early Childhood Education because I really enjoyed being around children, and how creative they are.”
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Stacy Skinner
Early Childhood Education
“It reinforced my knowledge of some basics and also upskilled me on the latest trends and technologies in Business Intelligence.”
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Yue (Rita) Han
Business Intelligence
“We learned Power BI, Microsoft Excel, and also some Structured Query Learning basics which are definitely going to help me in my new job.”
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Awsiya Syed
Business Intelligence
“The course was very helpful for me to upskill myself and extend my confidence."
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Misun (Sunny) Hwang
Software Development
“The course was very practical, and the lessons are taught in an interactive way.”
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Felicia Fel
Software Development
"My lecturer was so patient and understanding."
Akhere success story circular image
Akhere Otoide
"Our lecturers were kind and helped us learn."
Claire Lampad success story circle image
Claire Lampad
Health and Wellbeing
"It's changed my life."
Aiulu circle image Success Stories
Aiulu Pau
Health and Wellbeing
"There is so much to learn as well as having the liberty to switch careers down the line."
Ojas Chawla Success Story circle image
Ojas Chawla
Bachelor of Construction
"Undertaking the diploma has given me more knowledge and confidence in my own ability."
Karen Nicholson Success Story circle image
Karen Nicholson
Building Surveying
"My teacher was very helpful in supporting my study and work."
Fitriyah Success Story circle image
Fitriyah Machfud
English, Maths and Digital Skills
"I am really looking forward to practising what I am studying on the job."
Oliva McGregor Success Story circle image
Olivia McGregor
Building Surveying
"I'm going to miss the course but I’m going to do fine with my business after learning all about welding."
Peni Success Story circle image
Peni Opeti-Finau
Welding micro-credentials
"I got another chance at life and the starting point was being accepted to study at Future Skills Academy."
Vilashni Success Story circle image
Vilashni Nair
Health and Wellbeing
"When I personally went through it myself, I knew I had to advocate and study in this field."
Flora Success Story circle image
Flora Neemia
Health and Wellbeing
"I enjoyed meeting new people who were in the same boat as me."
Renee Galey Success Story circle image
Renee Galey
Building Surveying
"The teacher was so supportive and always ready to help."
Sukhdeep Kaur Success Story circle image
Sukhdeep Kaur
Health and Wellbeing
"I had to turn things around by giving back to the community."
Levi Success Story circle
Levi Tuiavii
Health and Wellbeing
"Royal Oak campus is a very lovely place, making me feel right at home."
Julie Gu Success Story circle image
Julie Gu
English, Maths and Digital Skills
"It’s good to finally have a recognised qualification."
Lee McKenzie Success Story circle image
Lee McKenzie
Building Surveying
"I enjoyed studying with others who were in the same roles and sharing my knowledge with them."
Success Story Richard Poole 1
Richard Poole
Building Surveying
"Being able to study in a comfortable setting with others was a wonderful experience."
Rozina Mohammed Success Story circle image
Rozina Mohammed
Health and Wellbeing
“I am happy and love my job."
Rosy Lata Success Story circle image
Rosy Lata
Advanced Care and Support
“The course I am studying at Future Skills Academy has opened other avenues for me."
Ajai Success Story circle image
Ajai Singh
Mental Health and Addiction
“Within two and a half years, I've been able to completely change industry role.”
James Nodder Success Story circle icon
James Nodder
Quantity Surveying
“I am so proud and captivated because I got a good job.”
Mata Success Story circle icon
Matagalu Leutele
Health and Wellbeing
“Perfecting the art of welding has been one of my main goals.”
Stewart Success Story circle image
Stewart Cathcart
“Without my tutor, I couldn't have thought of higher studies."
Binu circular image for Silverstripe v2
Binu Gopinath
Health and Wellbeing