Our campuses will be closed on Thursday 30 May. Protests are expected to cause traffic disruptions. 

Our Story

Future Skills is a place where our students and people can realise their dreams.


We exist to cultivate the most employable, most empowered graduates. But it’s not just about learning or getting a job, it’s about finding yourself, your place in the world and your part to play.

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Ours is a culture of experiential learning brought to life in our students and our team. We call it Critical Thinking and Doing. We’re a Category 1 private education provider and our systems, processes and environment in four campuses across Auckland are all purpose-designed to help make our students shine.

There’s a restless, infectious energy that fuels our entrepreneurial spirit and the need to try new things in new ways. Yet we have the deepest respect for and learn from our past. Our whakapapa goes so much further back than the day we opened our doors in 2001. We started this business to help address talent shortages back then and that is still where we focus much of energy. Our qualifications are all NZQA recognised.

We’re an innately creative group of educators and students who openly celebrate purposeful play, speaking up and speaking out and the freedom to do and make. We also know it’s how our students best learn. It’s in our DNA.

You can expect a strong sense of belonging, respect for difference, and an openness to new relationships and connection. As individuals, our sense of people and place, our sense of community is what gives life meaning.

For us community means family, friends, fellow students, colleagues, organisations, cities and towns, regions and countries. For us, it’s all part of the same picture, just a change of scale.

We believe in growing confident, capable people who go on to contribute to their chosen communities. It’s our vision for Aotearoa New Zealand and for our students and people.

Our students and staff are a resilient and hard-working bunch. Ours is a place where we rub shoulders and learn together, taking calculated risks, trying new things, being agile and resolving everyday challenges, just like we do in life, right? We’ve figured out if you look after the whole person, not just their study, there’s a better chance they will flourish. It will come as no surprise then, that we care deeply about every single student and every single one of of our wonderful people. In Aotearoa there’s a beautiful Māori word for that. It’s called aroha.

What’s your dream and can we take you there?

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Our Values

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