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Application Information

Are you interested in enrolling in one of our programmes? Make sure you read the important information on this page, before filling out the online application form or the information request form.
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Your step-by-step guide to applying and enrolling into a programme.

You can get the application form in any of these ways:

Fill out an online application form here or

If you’re unable to apply online, please call us on 0800 888 001 or write to us at and our student admissions team will be happy to assist you.

Your appointment to process your application is very important – and a great way for us to get to know you!

After you fill out the application form above or send us an enquiry, we will give you a call to talk about your study plans. Then, we will confirm our admissions appointment date, time and location. This appointment can be conducted in person, online or over the phone. We’ll also send you text and phone call reminders to make sure you remember your interview, or to notify you of any changes. Please read the Documentation section below to find out what you will need to bring to your admissions appointment.

If your application is successful:

You will be given an Offer Letter, including start and end dates, tuition fees for your programme (if applicable), as well as a Response Form for you to confirm acceptance of the offer. This Offer Letter may be presented in hard copy or sent to you electronically to sign or acknowledge.

If your application is unsuccessful:

You will be informed of the reason. Reasons may include that you have not supplied all the information that we require, or your application does not meet the entry requirements of the programme. We may be able to find you another suitable programme to enrol in.

Once you sign or acknowledge the Offer Letter, you will be enrolled.  We can assist you with your application for a student allowance to Study Link if you wish.

If enrolled in a fee-paying programme, your enrolment is conditional upon receipt of the full tuition fees. Payment can be done to the Public Trust by electronic bank transfer, bank deposit, or by credit card.

If you are paying your fees with the help of a student loan, we recommend you arrange this immediately. We can assist you with your application to Study Link if you wish.

Any scholarship or funding secured towards the qualification needs to be approved up front prior to commencement of the programme.

Congratulations! You’re ready to study at Future Skills Academy. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your enrolment, please do not hesitate to contact our Student Services team.

You may have achieved credits before enrolling with Future Skills. Just let us know what you’ve studied previously, and we can confirm the credits you’ve achieved. In some cases, you may have already gained credits towards a qualification!

Please bring the following documents with you, when you come for an enrolment interview:

For fees free Youth Guarantee programmes (16-19 year olds)

  • Birth certificate OR passport.
  • Proof of address. This is any official document you have received in the mail identifying you and your home address (e.g. bank statement or letter)
  • Bank Account details – those between 16-19 years of age are eligible for a travel subsidy, which is deposited into your bank account

For All other programmes

  • Birth certificate OR passport
  • Proof of address. This is any official document you have received in the mail identifying you and your home address (e.g. bank statement or letter)

Additional documentation may be required if you’re studying our Level 3, Level 4, or Level 6 programmes.

Please visit the relevant programme page for more information regarding documentation – or call us toll free on 0800 888 001.

There are specific entry criteria for each of our Level 3, Level 4, or Level 6, fee paying programmes at our Manukau campus.

Please visit the relevant programme page for more information regarding the entry information for these programmes – or call us toll free on 0800 888 001.


Confirmation of enrolment will be provided in the form of an invoice.  If you are paying your fees privately, i.e. not through a student loan, payment is due within 14 days of the date of the invoice and NO LATER than the start date of the courses enrolled.  If you are applying for a student loan through StudyLink, we expect you to complete your application as soon as possible and NO LATER than the start date.  Any student who wishes to dispute the fees due must do so within seven (7) working days of receiving the invoice.  A request to review the fees or account balance must be made within this period, in writing to the Director of Domestic Operations, Future Skills Academy.  At the discretion of Future Skills Academy, and with just cause, this period may be extended.  Once the request is received, the review will be completed within seven (7) working days.  Once the review is completed, any outstanding balance is due immediately.  Failure to pay any invoice(s) by the due date means you will then be liable for all costs and expenses (including legal costs, debt collection agent fees, and this may affect your credit rating) which may be incurred in the recovery or attempted recovery of the overdue amount from you.  Under these circumstances Future Skills Academy may give to, or obtain from, any relevant third party, information held about your personal or commercial credit arrangements.  Academic results for a student will be withheld for any programme where fees or any other debt remains unpaid.  A student will be prevented from graduating or receiving their award(s) until their debt has been paid in full.  The student will also be prevented from re-enrolling in further courses of study.


Transfers are negotiated with the Programme Manager or Director of Domestic Operations.  There are no penalties; however, there may be additional fees required or a refund may be due.  Where a student loan has been used to pay fees, the refund will need to be returned to StudyLink and a new loan drawn down for the new programme.

Withdrawals and/or refunds

Make sure you understand the refund policy before enrolling.  If you want to leave your programme you must formally withdraw by filling out a Student Withdrawal Request Form FS045b, available from and returnable to Student Services.  Withdrawal is confirmed from the date the form is received by Future Skills Academy and will be used when processing your withdrawal in the database and determining the amount of refund:

Date of Advice of Withdrawal


Refund Due 
(of Fees Paid)

Less Administration Charge

Before the Start Date of the courses enrolled

Not Started



After Start Date and within 10% of the length of course enrolment



less 10% or $500, whichever is the lesser of the two

After Start Date and after 10% of the length of course enrolment




After Start Date, withdrawal due to academic or disciplinary procedures




Compassionate consideration

If you withdraw after 10% of the length of course enrolment, you may be eligible for a refund under compassionate consideration.  Compassionate consideration may be considered for the following reasons:

- Medical, supported in writing by a health professional
- Work-related, supported by a letter from an employer
- Student Services will advise the result of the application for compassionate consideration.


If you have more than three consecutive weeks of non-attendance in classes, or non-participation in required online activities associated with your programme, and we are unable to contact you, you will be withdrawn from the programme.


Enrolment in a programme is conditional upon and subject to sufficient numbers of students enrolling in the programme. 

Privacy or Personal Information

Future Skills Academy collects and stores information about students to comply with various statutes and/or regulations, to enable us to make decisions regarding your academic progress, and to provide you with evidence of your academic achievements. This information may be also shared with relevant departments at Future Skills Academy on a “need to know” basis, and is used to arrange appropriate support for students. After graduation your contact information is used for the graduate progression survey.

Where it is relevant, personal information may be disclosed to other agencies such as, but not limited to: the Ministry of Education, Audit New Zealand, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Industry Training Organisations, industry licensing and registration bodies, other tertiary institutions and providers of work experience for students in courses with a practical component. 

Students have the right to request to see and correct if necessary the information you have provided. If you wish to enquire about personal information held by Future Skills Academy please contact Student Services.

NB - Please refer to Terms and Conditions page for further details.