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"Sometimes I wish this year would never end. I want to live every moment."
Kashmira Vikas More

A passion for directing theatre led to an interest in management for student Kashmira Vikas More.

Kashmira was involved in theatre from an early age. As a child, she acted in regional television serials. She also studied at a college well known for theatre and intercollege competitions.

She especially loves directing plays and that’s what got her interested in the management of people.

“It included planning, organising, and giving instructions. That’s why I decided I should do management studies. I knew I would enjoy it and I was correct,” she says.

Kashmira began her study with OPAIC online, completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management from her home in India.

“It was fantastic. There wasn’t a day when I thought this is a gap, or my professor is not available, or I’m not getting that support which I require,” she says.

She was also the Online Student Representative for her cohort and collected feedback from other students about their experiences.

“I never came across a concerning issue,” she says.

Kashmira was able to get early entry to New Zealand through a Government border exemption for tertiary students and is now on campus studying for her Master of Applied Management.

She says it’s great to finally be here on campus having face-to-face conversations and connecting with people in person.

“You can make more friends. You can connect easily. It’s a different experience.”

Kashmira previously completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Human Resources in India and worked in Human Resources for more than seven years.

She decided to enrol with OPAIC because she wanted to get some international experience in a broader field. She says the courses in OPAIC’s Master of Applied Management are very interesting and cover everything the market needs right now.

Kashmira’s confident she’ll be able to succeed in any area of management once she completes the degree. She hopes to go into a role such as project manager, systems administrator, or information systems manager.

“I would love to get into analytics. Particularly process analysis.”

Kashmira arrived in New Zealand just three weeks ago. She looks forward to travelling the country, doing some hiking, and perhaps getting involved in Auckland’s theatre scene.

But for now, she’s focused on her study and enjoying life on campus.

“Sometimes I wish this year would never end. I want to live every moment,” she says.

This testimonial comes from an Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus (OPAIC) student. OPAIC is a partnership between Future Skills and Otago Polytechnic. Our new Future Skills International campus operates out of the same building as OPAIC and programmes are taught by the same lecturers.

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