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Once a stay-at-home mum, Beaudein Hopihana enrolled to study Health and Wellbeing at Future Skills to give her life a new direction.

Beaudein is currently studying Health and Wellbeing (Level 2) at our Manukau campus.

Beaudein’s educational journey up until she enrolled at Future Skills was an unstable one.

“By the time I was 15 years old, I had been to 14 different schools – across New Zealand and Australia,” she says.  

Beaudein’s challenges weren’t limited to education alone. She went through a lot in her personal life as well, including becoming a mum at 16.

“I experienced things in life that a lot of people my age at the time, had not yet experienced. I essentially had to grow up quickly,” says Beaudein.

For two years, Beaudein was a stay-at-home mum. She worked at the airport and McDonalds before resuming her educational pursuits.

Upon asking what led her to resume her studies, she says “I had so much potential, but I lacked experience and a qualification”.

Beaudein realised that to achieve her dream of being successful in life, she had to start by educating herself and hence took up the programme at Future Skills.

“I wanted to show my son that just because you go through hard times doesn’t mean that is what life is. In fact, life is actually what you make of it. You can always get back and break the cycle,” says Beaudein.

Beaudein has been extremely satisfied with her experience of studying here at Future Skills. Despite being a newcomer in the health sector, the programme has widened her learning and understanding within the sector.  

“I have learnt so much about how to support the elderly – in terms of understanding their emotions and how to navigate around patients,” she says.

For Beaudein, the best part about studying at Future Skills was the welcoming environment and the warmth shown by tutors and support staff.

“In particular, I would like to mention my tutor, Nazra who has been my backbone during my study period. She has always been there to help me with my work – even outside class hours. She’s very flexible and understanding and I’m grateful to have her as a tutor,” says Beaduein.

“I would also like to mention pastoral care support staff member, Fola, who has always been there for all of us and is ever-willing to help with issues beyond academic studies,” she adds.

For Beaudein, coming to campus feels like coming to a family. She feels safe and comfortable being by herself here.

“People here are helpful and loving and it’s very whanau-orientated. There is so much respect and aroha for everyone,” says Beaudein.

She has a message for anyone who wishes to study at Future Skills: “It’s good to pursue your studies here – this place will help you make it to the top.”

Beaudein plans to be a Level 4 Support Worker and is eager to work hard and gain the qualifications and experience required for the job. We wish her all the best in her endeavours.

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