NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 2)

NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 2)



Enrol in this free programme and make a positive change for yourself and the community. Take the first step toward working in healthcare. Gain in-demand skills and knowledge to become a support worker in health, nursing, disability and aged care. We will even organise a work placement for you.  

Programme Summary

Level 2
40 credits
This programme is FREE
15 weeks full-time or 22 weeks part-time
Who Can Join:
18 years & above
NZ Citizen / Resident visa holders
Royal Oak
Next Intake:
24 June


Become a Caregiver in only 22 weeks

Make a positive change in the community.

We arrange your work placement

Study fees-free

Study part-time while you work

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"It's changed my life."
Aiulu Pau
Health and Wellbeing



This programme leads to successful careers as Aged Care Workers, Support Workers, In-home Care Workers and Healthcare Assistants.



High Job Prospects

The healthcare sector currently employs 55,000 workers, with about 8,000 vacancies. There is a significant demand for workers in this industry. 

In December 2023, Stats NZ reported a 5.3 percent annual increase in the number of jobs filled in the healthcare and social assistance industry.

The growing demand for healthcare workers is due to an ageing Aotearoa New Zealand population, a shortage of nursing staff in hospitals, and an ageing workforce. Figures from Stats NZ show the number of people aged 65 and over has doubled since 1980 and is likely to double again by 2036, as the baby boomer generation moves into retirement. Currently, three-quarters of workers in aged care are over 45 and most fall in an age bracket between 55 and 64.


Source: Career ForceNew Zealand Herald, Stats NZ.

You will need to have a police vet report with no convictions of concern and an immunisation record including all COVID-19 vaccinations.

If English is not your first language, evidence showing sufficient competence in English to complete this programme successfully is required.

You will be interviewed to confirm your suitability and readiness to work safely with health consumers / tangata whai ora.

You will need to be able to dedicate two days a week to working at a placement company towards the end of your programme. 

Introduction to Health and Wellbeing

You will learn about the role of a support worker and about consumers’ rights. You will identify the impact of culture on support in a health and wellbeing setting.

Reporting and Responsibilities in HealthcareYou will learn to recognise and report risks and changes for clients and how to interact with people to provide support. Gain the knowledge to describe pre-packaged medication used in a health or disability setting.

Working in a Health or Wellbeing setting

You will learn how to maintain a safe and secure work environment and how to apply personal plan requirements to meet clients’ needs. Gain the skills to handle equipment and people safely. You will also learn how to support a person’s wellbeing and quality of life.

There is no direct progression pathway. Please contact our Student Services team to discuss study options open to you at Future Skills. 

You will attend tutorials each week where you can ask your lecturers any questions about your assessments and learning.

Will this qualification be recognised in the healthcare sector where I will work? 
Yes, this qualification is NZQA approved and recognised by New Zealand employers. 

How can I afford the tuition fee? 
This programme is FREE. 

I have so many commitments. I am concerned I may not be able to complete the programme. 
Please feel free to reach out to our Student Services team and find out how you will be supported during your learning. 

What is the application process? 
You can find an easy step-by-step guide to applying and enrolling in a programme. 

Will I get help in finding a placement? 
Yes, we have a dedicated team of placement specialists who will help you find a suitable placement. 

What if I miss some classes? 
You will have access to all the learning material on our learning management system, Moodle. We need you to attend at least 80 percent of the classes. 

Will I be able to manage my time? 
Feel free to reach out to your lecturer and our Student Support team for help setting up a study routine and maintaining a good study/life balance. 

Do I need to have any computer skills? 
Yes, you will need basic computer skills to be successful in the programme.  

What will my starting salary be if I gain this qualification? 
You will be eligible to earn a minimum of $23 per hour under Pay parity after graduating. 

Do I have to do a work placement? 
Yes, it is compulsory. 

Is there cultural support for me? 
Yes, we have fun activities and cultural events to celebrate the many diverse ethnicities at our campuses. You are also welcome to join our Māori and Pasifika committee for students. 

Do I have to stay for the whole class? 
We prefer you to attend for the whole class so you don’t miss out on important course information otherwise you might fall behind.  

I am working as well as studying and I can’t attend every class. What should I do?  
We prefer you to attend every class but if it is only for a short time, talk to your lecturer and our friendly Student Success team for advice.  

Will I be able to gain my qualification if I am unable to complete my practicum due to Covid-19 restrictions? 
No, you will have to complete your Workplace Experiences (Practicums) to be awarded the qualification even if these are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, including COVID-19 and other national emergencies.